NP Vrana See

Croatia´s largest natural lake, situated near Zadar


Only 40 km away from Zadar, Nature Park Vransko Lake is a place of distinctive specificity and biodiversity. Rare, wetland habitats are home to birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects while the entire area is populated from prehistoric times due to freshwater sources and fertile land. Various pedestrian, biking and educational trails, created for those looking for an active break, provide an immediate experience of a rare combination of wetlands and dry karsts.

The Park has three info centers open to visitors from April to the end of October. Here, visitors can buy tickets that gain access to all locations in the Park, get more information and buy souvenirs with Vrana Lake motifs. Info Centers are located in three most attractive locations in the Park:

• The Info Center Crkvine is located in the special ornithological reserve at the entrance to the wooden educational trail "Birds of the Vrana Lake" where visitors can rent binoculars to watch the rich birdlife with more than 260 bird species recorded.

• Info Center Kamenjak is situated on the highest peak of the Park, from which there is an unforgettable view of the whole lake, land, sea and islands. Here, visitors can enjoy the specialties of a traditional tavern, and in July / August visit the "Garlic and Games" Fair where local farmers represent their products.

• Info Center Prosika is located in the south-eastern part of the lake in a fishing harbour. The area includes an educational trail about fish and an 18th century kanal "Prosika" that connects the lake with the sea. Visitors can rent bicycles and kayaks at this location. The brackish lake is a popular destination for many sport fishermen.

Visit announcement and more information:

Public institution Vransko lake Nature park

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phone: 023/383 181

fax: 023/386 453

e-mail: info@pp-vransko-jezero.hr



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