Saint Chrysogonus Martyr (Croatian: Sveti Krševan) is a Roman Catholic saint and martyr of ancient Rome, a patron saint of Zadar.

Feastday: November 24th 

St. Chrysogonus is one of the saints mentioned during the Commemoration of the Living in the Roman Canon.

Chrysogonus was a Roman knight of the 4th c. A.D. at the time of Emperor Diocletian. Because of a liberal standpoint in his sermon, he was thrown into prison. Even in the dungeons he did not remain idle. Through his letters he comforted St. Anastasia, the daughter of the noble Roman Praetextatus, who was held under house arrest by her heathen husband. Diocletian offered him a high-ranking position, should he renounce his Catholic faith, but when he refused, the Emperor ordered his head severed and the body thrown into the sea. In a dream, the priest St. Zoilo (Zoilus) saw St. Chrysogonus, who told him of the whereabouts of his body. Having retrieved the body from the sea, by some miracle, the head was rejoined to the body and the corpse was then transferred from Aquila to Zadar. In Zadar, thanks to his pleadings, many a miracle has occurred and it is for this reason that he is esteemed as a patron saint of the city. In the legend the death of the saint is placed on 23rd November and the Roman Catholic Church celebrates her on 24th November.