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ADDRESS: Molat 40, 23292 Molat

MOBILE: +385 (0) 91 784 75 47

EMAIL: info@malikadventures.com

WEBSITE: www.malikadventures.com 

Malik Adventures is a boutique adventure agency that is a specialized island expert for Zadar srchipelago. Whether you want to explore the islands by sea kayak, bike, trekking or running we can tailor the roue to fit your needs. We cater to complete beginners and seasoned athletes, single sport enthusiasts or multisport adventurers.  

Whatever we do, we´ll give you the edge and access to places that you won´t be able to find on your own – the hidden gems of northern Dalmatia. 

The island of Molat is an ideal place for active holidays. Enjoy the idyllic island life and explore the island´s secrets by bike, trekking or sea kayaking.

Molat is an excellent sea kayaking hub with proximity to many first class paddling sites: shipwreck ideal for snorkling, secluded beaches and coves, interesting reefs and rock formations and a handfull of idyllic nearby villages and islands.  There is a 18km road on the island and some 20km tracks through the fields which makes for a great cycling or running routes, and there are many short hilltop trekks with rewarding views. 

Maquis and low forest that make this island look eternally green also feed the goats and bees and make this island a great placed to sample locally produced goat cheese and raw organic honey.

It´s a great place if you look for idyllic fisherman island life with couple of local family houses and apartments for rent. Far from madding crowd but still with all you need: a few restaurants, a few cafes and a well equipped grocery shop. 


Crowdfactor on Molat - www.mediterraneanislands.org

Sea kayaking in Zadar archieplago!

Explore different islands, idyllic villages, stunning snorkling sites and get the best of the North Dalmatia´s islands by sea kayaking in Zadar´s kayaking hub on island Molat.  

Why sea kayaking? 

Sea kayak is by far the most convenient and enjoyable way to explore the best of the islands in Zadar archipelago. It gives you access to some of the snorkling sites and beaches which are otherwise out of reach and it´s a great way to visit nearby islands, like Ist with it´s rewarding trek or island Zverniac for buying some famous local olive oil. The best of all: it´s the most sustainable way to travel around – you move only using your body´s force. And yes, sometime we get a dolphin visit. 

Do we have to be in a big group?

We do not do big group tours. Our trips are maximum 8 people per guide. Molat is off the beaten path, and we want to keep it that way. By keeping only small groups, we keep tourism development sustainable and keep the quality of the trip on a high level. 

If you would like to have a trip only for your party, please send us an email or give us a ring and we´d be happy to organise your independent trip. 

Is kayaking hard?

Kayaking is more like walking or trekking, as opposed to running or weightlifting. Kayaking is an activity that everyone can do, regardless on your level of fitness. It may not be easy (you wouldn´t be doing it if it were), but everyone can do it. 

Our hub is perfectly situated so that we can easily adjust the itinerary to fit your level if you are a beginner or expert kayaker. Also, our hub allows us paddle in different weather conditions. 

How many days can we do?

Most of our trips are either 5 or 7 days long and include transportation, accommodation, breakfast and some dinners (with access to places that you woudn´t be able to get in on your own) to allow us to explore different islands.  We´ve learned that people appreciate having a few days to soak in the atmosphere and get to know the archipelago.

We also do day trips leaving from Molat. If you are in Zadar you can also join us for a day trip.

Can we just get the gear and go on our own?

Occassionally we do rent out kayaks and gear, but only to experienced open water sea kayakers that have sufficient proficiency – minimum BCU Level 3 or similar or have have appropriate skills: safety and rescue, navigation, first aid and kayak handling.

We do not rent the gear to beginners. While kayaks are very safe when handled skillfully, they do require trainning and practice. It´s kind of like having a driver´s licence. 

To make an inqury, book a trip or brief us for a tailor made trip for your grup, drop us an email on info@malikadventures.com.


Happy Paddling! 

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