City Game Zadar - Treasure Hunt In The City Of Zadar/Nin

We organize heritage «treasure hunts in the City of Zadar» for families, schools and organizational visits.


Families and students are divided into groups and within these groups they reveal the treasures of the City of Zadar, through their own eyes, in a whole new way. Step by step, by solving observational puzzles, participants discover the main secret. When everyone reaches the goal, the tourist guide gathers all participants and reveals the secrets and stories behind their observations that are related to Zadar´s rich background. By discovering Zadar, you will learn a part of the Croatian and European story. You will be looking for a specific well, a cave, and colors on a church, a palace, and cannon.

And at the end: you receive a souvenir - gift!

New: Search for lions - Zadar under the protection of UNESCO


You can buy the Search for lions online and begin whenever you want to and with whomever you want to! While looking for 15 lions in the old town, you will discover all that the Venetians have built, except for the walls, which are under the protection of UNESCO since 2017! Believe us, you have never seen Zadar in such a way before!

Duration of the searches: 2 hours.

Don’t hesitate- contact us! We will answer all of your questions.

The searches take place on the following languages: Croatian, French, English and German

You want a classical tour? No problem! We are here for you.

Valentina Matešić, tourist guide for the Croatian and French language- organizer of the heritage search for treasure in Zadar, Nin and Split

email: valentina@citygame-croatia.com

Tel.: 00 385 (0) 95 913 20 65

For more information: www.citygame-croatia-com 

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