Kalelargart Street Art Festival is an event that unites the presentation of street culture and entertainment of the Old town Zadar.

Kalelargart street festival takes place in the evening with simultaneously held programs at People´s Square (Narodni trg), Kalelarga and the Forum, and consists of various forms of artistic expression, from music and stage performances, visual art projects to various street acrobatics and performances that entertain passersby at every step.

With a variety of artistic presentations of theater performances, monodramas, concerts of blues and jazz music, various performances, jugglers and magicians, art has emerged from its solid form, from Hall and Academy and came down among the ordinary people and turned the streets of Zadar into a stage with performers interspersing audience.

The citizens of the city of Zadar, as well as tourists who intentionally or accidentally find themselves on the spot, commenting enthusiastically and giving compliments to the organizers and representatives of theater companies and artists which, in cooperation with the organiser - a local station Radio 057, creates a spectacle which has fully revived peninsula and represents a living art that tells stories on the living tissue of the city.

Kalelargart inspires generations of  Zadar locals and tourists each year, and gives an unforgettable holiday experience with street culture in an interactive and fun way.

The media and press has also recognized the beauty of street art, that has turned the Old town Zadar into a huge stage or maybe even to the buffet on which urban culture is offered to the wider public.

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