Join us and experience Zadar, its history and culture in completely different & original   way!

Through streets and squares of  Zadar  you will be lead by  Jader and Idassa,who,  looking for love together with you, will travel through time and space. On this road they will introduce you to    the most beautiful stories and legends in very casual, educational and of course romantic way.

Don´t miss  this hit  perfomance  which arouses unique feeling that will always remain in your memory.

Actors  in  old, traditional  costumes will lead you through locations, remembering their youth and childhood 3000  years ago, for  who would tell the story better than the town itself?  Idassa and Jader are one soul, the soul of the town.

The beginning of the perfomance is at National square and the end at the Sea organ, with spectacular  final act -sunset.

The perfomance is  in Croatian and English.

Departure point  is at National Square.

The price of  ticket is 150 kn ( for children under 12 -  60 kn and for children under 7  free). Tickets available at Rector´s Palace.

You can buy  tickets  at the Etnological department of  The National Museum at National Square and at Rector´s Palace.

Entering  of Regent´s palace   and  tasting of Maraschino, traditional drink whose recipe dates back tothe 16 century, are  included in the price.

There are discounts for  larger groups of visitors. (  or  We offer discounts ... )

The beginning of perfomance is adjusted to the sunset.

Turn to us for all additional information and booking of tickets.


27.07., 28.07., 29.07., 31.07., 1.08., 2.08., 3.08.:  18.00 h

4.08., 5.08., 7.08., 8.08., 9.08., 10.08., 11.08., 12.08.:  17,30 h

14.08., 15.08., 16.08., 17.08., 18.08., 19.08.:  17,15 h

21.08., 22.08., 23.08., 24.08., 25.08., 26.08.:  17,00 h

28.08., 29.08., 30.08., 31.08., 1.09., 2.09.:  16,45 h

4.09., 5.09., 6.09., 7.09., 8.09., 9.09.:  16,30  h

11.09., 12.09., 13.09., 14.09., 15.09., 16.09.:  16,15   h

18.09., 19.09., 20.09., 21.09., 22.09., 23.09.: 16,00  h

25.09., 26.09., 27.09., 28.09., 29.09., 20.09.: 15,45  h

Monday to Thursday Romantic Zadar Walk on English                                                                                       

Friday & Saturday on Croatian


Idassa  and Jader are also waiting for you  on the application Izi Travel, which you can download for free  on your smartphone using  Google Play or Apple Store, which you can create yourself in the application of  Croatian Post - epostcard. The download of  epostcatrd is also for free.

The epostcard is  a mobile application  for those who want to create their personal postacard and is delivered as a real postcard   at the   desired  address.

Let your imagination run, design the   photo of  love lock  and  the author of the most interesting and the most attractive postcard will be awarded  with free staying  in Zadar for 2 persons.

By sending the epostcard you  are ´´locking“ your  love to a person or something you love the most.

That can be love to a partner, family, generally, nature, sea, pet,  the choice is unlimited.

Your photos will be printed  as a real postcard , and they will be  the part of the collection of The National Museum. 

Your love story becomes  the part of holdings  of National Museum, the only museum in the world which keeps your love lock  in  form of  a  postcard.

Follow the instructions of competition , write the address : Narodni muzej , Poljana pape Alexandra bb, 23 000 Zadar, klick and be the part of  Zadar romantic story.

You can send from Zadar or some other place, either by the sea or in the mountains, or if you are anywhere  in the world .

The rules of the competition  you can find on  www. epostcard.hr and on www.nmz.hr

How? Very  easy!

You put your romantic  photo  or drawing   in the application , text of message, your data, the name of the competition : Romantic postcard for Zadar at the address  of The National  Museum.

You can pay this service by sms , credit or debit card.  The postman will send the printed card at  the address of The National Museum.

You need only  several moves ,  your postcard will become  an  exhibit and it may bring you to romantic Zadar.

Easy to use, a  reasonable price (9,90 kn in  inland and 14,90   in  international traffic )and  most importantly , the memory, which lasts forever , makes this a desirable service  for all generations.