Brne Karnarutić

Brne Karnarutić (Zadar, 1515 - Zadar, 1573) was Croatian Renaissance poet and writer.


Brne Karnarutić (Zadar, 1515 - Zadar, 1573) was Croatian Renaissance poet and writer.

He was born in Zadar probably in 1515 as a descent of old noble family. After schooling in Zadar he studied law, probably in Padua. He served as a captain in Venice navy, and afterwards worked as an advocate in Zadar, where he deceased probably in 1573.

He adapted Ovid´s metamorphosis on Pyramus and Thisbe under the title of Izvrsita ljubav i napokon nemila i nesrićna smrt Pirama i Tizbe (Venice, 1586). Much more famous is Karnarutić´s other work – Vazetje Sigeta grada (Venice, 1584), the first Croatian historical epic on the Battle of Siget and the death of Nikola Šubić Zrinski and courageous defenders of Siget (1566).