The visit of Pope Alexander III (1177)

Pope Alexander III visited Zadar on 13th of March 1177




When Pope Alexander III visited Zadar on March 13th 1177,  he entered the city on a white horse and he was solemnly greeted by the Zadarians singing songs in their Croatian language (as noted by Italian chronicler Baronius):


"...immensis laudibus et canticis altissime resonantibus in eorum Sclavica lingua."


Pope Alexander III bowed to the relics of St Anastasia, as it was written on a memorial board in St Anastasia´s cathedral. Pope left Zadar after four days and headed to Venice to meet the Emperor Frederic I Barbarossa.


Over the turbulent history of the St Anastasia´s cathedral, two popes have made personal visits.

More than eight centuries after arrival of Pope Alexander III, Pope John Paul II came to Zadar on June 9, 2003 on one of his last international visits.


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