Grisogono-Vovo´s Palace

The Grisogono family is one of the oldest in the history of Zadar. Federico Grisogono, the Renaissance scholar who was also involved in music, descended from one branch of the family.

The house as a whole reveals the Renaissance life culture, where special emphasis was placed on music playing. Archival information on the instruments owned by medieval families from Zadar are a testimony to this.

This Romanesque-style palace, adapted in the late Gothic style, is situated next to the St.Simeon´s Church. Originally it consisted of two Romanesque houses connected by a one-story wing, where as the second storey, added in the second half of the 15th century, was constructed in the gothic style with renaissance scenes. The courtyard, with its arcade, was completed in the 16th century, but with added gothic elements.

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