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Olib, with a town bearing the same name, is part of the western Zadar archipelago overgrown by maquis and especially black pine.

Olib, with a town bearing the same name, is part of the western Zadar archipelago overgrown by maquis and especially black pine. It was inhabited in Roman times already, and is mentioned by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos in the 10th century. As there are no cars on the island, one can here spend one´s vacation in private accommodation far from any bustle. The island is a favourite destination for boaters and sailors and recreational fishermen.

Like most Dalmatian islands, sandy Olib has no water sources, but unusually it has an undersea pipeline bringing Velebit’s renowned pure water to the island. It also has many pheasants and rabbits, which people run after with pop guns. Some say Olib’s cheese is better than the more famous one made on Pag, and the local wine and olive oil are also great stuff. Olib has a lovely little fort, the remains of a monastery, and five churches including the Church of the Assumption of Mary, where you can see a document written in the Glagolitic script – the alphabet in which Croatian was first written.

The island of Olib is a small island which belongs to the Zadar archipelago, situated in the Adriatic Sea east of the island of Silba.


Olib has been inhabited since Roman times, and in the 10th century it was mentioned under the name of Aloip. On the west coast there is the largest bay and the Olib port, while on the east coast there is the Slatinica port. The tower Kaštel dating from the 16th century is located at the entrance to Olib port. This is one of the lowest islands in the whole Zadar archipelago with its highest peak Kalac (only 74 m). The island is connected to the mainland with ferry lines to Zadar on daily basis.


Olib is a quiet place for a peaceful vacation. It is situated on the west coast of the island of Olib which belongs to the Zadar archipelago. It is the only island settlement and dates from Roman times and there are a few archeological sites in the surroundings. Olib is connected to Zadar by ferryboat lines and its peaceful and preserved authentic atmosphere is dedicated first of all to admirers of peace and privacy. A number of hidden coves close to the locality and the shallow bays of Slatina and Slatinica on the eastern side of the island guarantee isolation during bathing. Besides fish bought from the local fishermen, quality homemade oil, wine and cheese can be bought from the locals. Concerning sports, we recommend windsurfing besides fishing and diving.



Tourist-info telephone: +385 (0)23 376 074


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