Šinjorina Smokva

A delicious organic fig spread "Šinjorina Smokva" is produced on the Babac/Damjanić family biological farm in Poljica, near Zadar.

"Šinjorina Smokva" - LIMITED QUANTITY!


A delicious organic fig spread "Šinjorina Smokva"  is produced on the Babac/Damjanić family biological farm in Poljica, near Zadar.



No water, fillers (preservatives, pectin), artificial flavouring or artificial colour have been used in this Dalmatian organic fig spread. It is purely made from ripe green figs that are immediately processed after being picked.

Fresh fig is a symbol of beauty and fertility. Fig is a natural source of energy, contains a fair amount of iron, niacin, carotene, calcium, calium, zinc, magnesium and other minerals as well. Figs are excellent source of dietary fibre.


1. BEST OF THE BEST 2007., Moscow, logo „Šinjorina Smokva“, silver

2. BEST OF THE BEST 2007, Moscow, visual identity„Šinjorina Smokva“, silver

3. FESTIVAL OF SREAD, JAM AND MARMELADE 2007., Dubrovnik, “Šinjorina Smokva”, bronze

4. FESTIVAL OF SREAD, JAM AND MARMELADE 2008., Dubrovnik, “Šinjorina Dunja”, gold

5. ECO WORLD FEST 2009., Opatija, “Šinjorina Smokva”, gold

6. NOVI SAD FAIR 2009., Novi Sad, „Šinjorina Smokva“, gold

7. EKO-ETNO 2010., Zadar, „Šinjorina Smokva“, bronze

8. FESTIVAL OF SREAD, JAM AND MARMELADE 2010. Dubrovnik, „Šinjorina Smokva“, gold

Comments on "Šinjorina Smokva":


Heidi Mičić, a professor of psychology: Your fig jam is wonderful! In fact, I don't like figs but this is great! And it's not so sweet as I have expected. It has a unique taste and I can't wait to try it on pancakes!

Mira Martinec, Croatian Ambassador to Argentina: It's great! I eat that with spoon!

Mare Milin, a photographer: You could found some jam-factory because your fig jam is a BOMB! It's WONDERFUL!

Tanja Martinčić, a pregnant friend: Please, I would like to buy two jars, it's a medicine to me!

The story told that Kleopatra used to melt her skin with fig cream to get softner and beautiful. Family Babac-Damjanić from Poljica near Zadar, like right conossieur invert this biblic sign of wellness and first sin, fig, into a fantastic organic jam/spread "Šinjorina Smokva", Miss of all figs.  Latin name Ficus Carica tells as that fig is rich with calcium, kalium, fosfor, zink and magnezium and with vitamin A and B1. If you are traying to get more information about this jamgirl try on: www.babac.hr


OPG „Sandra Babac“

Poljica 161, HR-23235 Vrsi

Tel: +385 (0)23 390 320


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